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Chocolate  Ice Cream

NET 100ml


Crafted with Premium New Zealand Milk

Discover the exquisite taste of our chocolate ice cream, made with carefully selected New Zealand milk. Every spoonful is a blend of creamy smoothness and rich chocolate flavor, promising a luxurious experience.

Pure New Zealand Milk for an Unparalleled Ice Cream Experience

Our ice cream is crafted using New Zealand’s 72°C pasteurized fresh milk, combined with top-notch French vanilla. With no added water and no ice crystals, it melts instantly in your mouth, delivering a pure, indulgent experience.

Perfect Harmony of Chocolate and Milk

Experience the perfect combination of rich milk and velvety chocolate. As the luscious chocolate meets the pure milk, each bite is a fragrant, flavorful delight that lingers on your taste buds.

Convenient 100ml Packaging with Built-in Spoon for On-the-Go Enjoyment

Ideal for a quick treat, our 100ml cups come with a built-in spoon under the lid. Whether you’re at home or on the move, each scoop offers a refreshing blend of cool and creamy, delivering a taste that makes your heart flutter.

Consistent Freshness and Quality

We meticulously select imported milk and maintain stringent quality control standards to ensure each batch of ice cream is both delicious and high-quality. Enjoy the rich flavor of fresh milk in every bite.

Authentic Taste from New Zealand’s Pastures

Vibes Ice Cream captures the essence of New Zealand’s golden milk belt at 40°S latitude. Our milk comes from cows that graze freely, enjoying the lush pastures—a taste that reflects their natural, happy lifestyle.

Cold Chain Delivery for the Ultimate Summer Chill

Our carefully designed ice packs and cold chain logistics ensure your ice cream arrives perfectly chilled, even on the hottest days. Open a tub and immerse yourself in refreshing coolness—start your happy moments with Vibes Ice Cream today.