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Vitabeez Natural Artesian Water

NET 1.5L


Nature’s Gift from Hawkes Bay Napier

Our New Zealand Artesian Water originates from the natural springs of Hawkes Bay Napier, where it’s bottled at the source to preserve its pristine quality. This water is a gift from nature, pure and untouched.

Naturally Healthy

Formed from the evaporation of ancient Antarctic ice crystals, our water embodies the essence of purity. It’s nature’s way of providing the healthiest water possible.

The Best Water Comes with Time

Over thousands of years, rainwater seeps through volcanic rock layers, undergoing a natural filtration process that spans 50 years. This long journey ensures that every drop of our water is of the highest quality.

Underground Springs Nurtured for Centuries

Our water is drawn from a depth of 1000 feet in the Hawkes Bay region. Every drop is rich in healthy minerals, providing a natural and refreshing taste.

A Journey Through Nature’s Finest Processes

  • – **Glacial Formation**: Starting from ancient glaciers.
  • – **Rock Layer Penetration**: Seeping into deep rock layers.
  • – **Geothermal Filtration**: Undergoing natural geothermal filtering.
  • – **Mineralization**: Enriched with essential minerals.

Deep Underground Source

Sourced from 1000 feet underground, our artesian water is packed with 19 types of minerals and trace elements, offering a uniquely rich and beneficial hydration experience.

Embrace the natural purity and health benefits of New Zealand Artesian Water, where every drop is a testament to nature’s perfection.