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7 ways to Bee Protective

October 08, 2020

We can all play a part in protecting the lovely bees! Here’re 7 ways to BEE PROTECTIVE…

1. Plant Bee- friendly flowers

Native plants which are rich in pollen and nectar will be a great menu to help the local honeybees thrive. You can do some research into what honeybees’ favourite flowers are. Just remember to have various plants to last them throughout the different seasons. Here are some ideas for you:

Marigold, sunflowers, hollyhocks, clover, dahlias, honeysuckle, coriander, rosemary, thyme.

2. Make your garden a Pesticide Free Zone

Avoid chemical treatments for the plants in your garden. Instead you can try various natural treatments to keep pests away while protecting the honeybees. When purchasing new plants, make sure the supplier hasn’t used any insecticides on them.

3. Keep a water supply for bees

Like humans, bees need water to survive. As the pollen and nectar don’t contain much moisture, bees must have a direct water source. Our little friends are attracted to pools, buckets with water, and birdbaths (well the list goes on and on…) to get water, but those spots sometimes can be dangerous as they might easily drown in deep water! We can help them out by setting up a DIY beebath. Just make sure the water is free of chemicals.

4. Protect swarms

A honeybee swarm happens when a colony outgrows their hive and making a move to a new home. If you come across one don’t panic and don’t approach : ) Honeybees in a swarm are usually quite gentle but can be aggressive if disturbed. Leave them alone and contact local authorities, they can collect the group and relocate it to a safe place.

5. Adopt a beehive

Consider adopting or sponsoring a honeybee hive will help keep local beekeepers in business. This can not only benefit the bees, but also will raise the awareness about the importance of bees and beekeeping!

6. Become a beekeeper

If you have the interest and space, starting your own hive is a most exciting way to protect the honeybees! In return you can get yummy honey and possibly make some side cash! Get in touch with your local beekeeping communities which can help you get started!

7. Spread the word

Share your knowledge about honeybees as much as you can. Spreading the words helps increase the awareness and let more people have a better understanding of how important our lovely honeybees are to our environment and earth, and how to protect them properly!